Our clients are highly reputable first-time and experienced international investors. Institutional and private investors entrust the advisory on significant shares of their private equity allocations to us. Akina’s institutional clients include pension funds, financial institutions, endowments, trusts and family offices. Our private clients are ultra high net worth individuals. In general, Akina’s clients and prospects have a total asset base for investments exceeding €250 million.

A trusted, sophisticated intermediary
Clients come to us when they need a trusted, sophisticated intermediary to find the right fund or entrepreneurial investment opportunities. We advise on investments in some of the least transparent, most difficult to access and diverse private equity segments that have in the past produced, and are expected to continue to produce, above-average returns.

Our clients appreciate the value-adding services we offer: our knowledge, market information, access to our network, co-investment opportunities, coaching, personalized services and many other benefits.

Understanding your market
We value the close relationships we have with our clients. We provide services and advice specific to our clients’ needs and their regulatory environment. Our senior Marketing & Investor Relations professionals are native to the regions they’re responsible for (Europe, North America, Middle East) and have personal experience in private equity and related investment areas. Akina’s local know-how, first-hand investment advisory experience and effective, personalised service differentiate us from other firms.

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